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What is Tokyo Internship?

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We provide internship opportunities for small and medium-sized companies willing to hire foreign talents and international workers residing overseas who wish to work in Japan before they are hired or employed. This is an opportunity to deepen mutual understanding of differences in culture, values, etc., and how to communicate at work, and to use this opportunity to promote the development of an environment conducive to the acceptance of foreign employees.

We are looking for international workers to participate in internship programs in Tokyo.

Do you think in this way?

  1. I want to make use of Japanese I learn in Tokyo.
  2. I want to grow up through working for a longing Japanese company.
  3. I want to challenge my own potential in a borderless work environment.
  4. I want to work and grow up with people with various values.
  5. I want to try a different "work" x "life" than usual in Tokyo.
  6. I want to experience the realities of “work” and “life” in Tokyo to realize my dream for the future.
  7. Experience cutting-edge work at a Japanese company to improve my career.
  8. I want to enjoy my favorite Japanese work and life culture in Tokyo.
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Would you like to accept talented foreigners?
We are looking for companies that accept internships.

Companies we recommend:

  1. Want to hire skilled oversea personnel so we want to see how they work firstly.
  2. Want to carry oversea recruitment activities with reduced costs.
  3. Want to promote globalization within the company.
  4. Want to create a new energetic atmosphere within the company by accepting oversea skilled personnel.
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